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(English version) Question for written mulheres em roupa interior rellenitas answer E-006249/12 to the Commission Alexander Mirsky (S D) Subject: Funding of Latvian projects A letter from the Commission to the Latvian Ministry of Finance reveals that the Commission has warned Latvia that if it continues to implement an agreement.
Det ville helt klart være ulovligt for arbejdsgiveren at fratrække et beløb fra arbejdstagerens løn, som er højere end det, der skal betales i henhold til reglerne for det relevante sociale sikringssystem.
(Versione italiana) Interrogazione con richiesta di risposta scritta E-005891/12 alla Commissione Mara Bizzotto (EFD) Oggetto: Povertà infantile nei paesi economicamente avanzati Il l'Unicef ha presentato un rapporto in cui veniva esposto un quadro comparativo della povertà infantile in alcuni paesi economicamente avanzati dal reddito medio-alto.It will also be the case of other legal professions, such as lawyers, which the EU will support by setting up a permanent legal training institution where legal professionals will be able to undertake continuous professional development and, therefore, be in a better position to defend.Exercitar-se na dinâmica evangelizadora da Igreja toda ministerial, de modo a promover a efetiva participação do laicato na vida da comunidade e na missão da Igreja, superando atitudes clericalizantes).Le cas échéant, la Commission peut prendre les mesures adéquates, voire même initier une procédure d'infraction, afin que l'État membre se mette en conformité.Both the European Parliament and the European Commission have repeatedly stressed that Member States taking decisions to extend the retirement age must also adopt measures to increase employment among older people.In particular, the Commission has recommended that Spain should do more to eliminate barriers to doing business arising from overlapping and multiple regulations on the part of different levels of government.Even if an act of clemency were to lead to the rapid release of the three fishing boats, it would be useful to clarify the issue of Libyan territorial waters.Among the subjects mentioned in the document are the risk and safety assessments (stress tests) arranged by EU Member States immediately after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.Pondera a CE lançar uma comunicação com os elementos e metas que os Estados-Membros devem desenvolver nas suas estratégias nacionais, baseada na «Economia Verde»?
These Directives are being replaced by Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions (342).
Ikvienu aviokompniju, kam noteikts darbbas aizliegums, no meln saraksta var svtrot, tikldz k aizlieguma iemesli ir apmierinoi novrsti, un, kop ir pieemta Regulas (EK). .En klopt het bericht dat de EU op 29 juni begint met toetredingsonderhandelingen met Montenegro?Answer given by Mr Potonik on behalf of the Commission.The project has a budget of LVL 104 million, of which the sum of LVL 54 million comes from Cohesion Fund cofinancing.Op aansporen van de Europese Commissie zijn 14 bedrijven overeengekomen om een universele lader op basis van micro-USB technologie in te voeren voor alle data-enabled mobiele telefoons.

Le volet «recherche» fait partie intégrante de la stratégie de données ouvertes que la Commission a adoptée le 12 décembre 2011 (184).
Cultural operators who wish to apply for funding are advised to get in touch with the Culture Contact Point in their country.